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Sea Mountain 
Fishing Trip

The Sea Mountain fishing trip is probably the most exciting, but is offered on condition that a second boat will accompany Shuwari. The reason is that the Sea Mountain is 80km off shore, and from a safety point, in the event of an emergency, it is safer to have another boat in the vicinity.
Departure is 05:30 on Day 1 and we motor out for around 1,5 hours then start to fish when we are about 25km from the Sea Mountain. The only fish that will be kept on this day are those that will be used for the meals on board. All other fish will be released.

It is very common to get a late afternoon bite from Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna. All those on day 1 will be released. The night fishing will be slow trolling for Broadbill Swordfish.

In the early morning, with the early morning bite, it is exciting to have continuous multiple strikes of tuna, and then trying to live bait for marlin that are often amongst the schools of tuna.

At around 11:00 the trip home begins slowly fishing back towards the ‘malango’ and then a fast run the final 10km home.

This is by far the most exciting trip, as the quantities and size of fish encountered is larger than is found closer in to shore.

Because the Sea Mountain is in the open sea, we choose to go there when it is relatively calm. The best times to go are November/December and late March.