This is a very exciting trip for fishermen who would like to try their luck at catching broadbill swordfish by night and yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna and marlin by day.

The trip starts with an early departure (05:00) for the Mountain which is 80km offshore. We will motor out for 50km and then fish the last 30 km. This part of the trip ususally takes some 6-8 hours.

We fish the area around the mountain for marlin and tuna until early evening. Then we change over to broadbill lures and slow troll the whole night.

Early morning, we change back to lures and troll for tuna, which are usually feeding very well in the early morning. We also keep some marlin lures in the spread as often there are big marlin feeding on the tuna!

At about 10:30 we start to fish back towards home base, also about the same as the outward journey, 30km, then motor back home for a welcome cool drink at the beach bar! Arrival is around 16:00 depending on the water conditions.

Hot meals are served during the trip, and drinks are constantly available, so no chance of going hungry of thirsty throughout the trip. Contact us for more info