Pemba Island

This the only granitic continental island on the East Coast of Africa and is surrounded by exotic coral reefs of every form and description, beautiful smaller islands, deep channels and exotic white sandy beaches. In short…Paradise!
The main island is some 45 miles long by 20 miles across, and lies some 23 nautical miles offshore. The island itself is covered by dense rainforest in the north and rich fertile soil where huge bananas and mangoes grow like weeds, along with coconuts, lychees and of course cloves. With its extremely rich species biodiversity it is an island of considerable scientific importance. Contact us for more info

Sister Island

Pemba Island is the sister island to Zanzibar and both come under the Tanzanian flag. Our boats are amongst the only ones licensed to fish within Pemba waters.

The West Coast

The West Coast is made up of a series of smaller islands enclosing an incredible inner sea with islands, reefs, mangrove creeks and deep-water channels. The south is very similar to the East Coast although less harsh.

The East Coast

The East Coast is exposed to the full force of the Indian Ocean and the prevailing winds, hence the reefs are narrow, the drop-offs extremely steep and the shoreline harsh.
To the north there is a wide shallow bank extending some 12 miles north covered in coral reefs and with one of the most beautiful beaches in East Africa at Vuma Wimbi in Msuka Bay. This beach is only accessible from mid-March to mid-November during the SE-monsoon period.